Community Outreach

Community Outreach

For a lot of people, Robotics never ends. That was true in 2018, when mechanical team members reached out to the community using their t-shirt cannon named PAM. PAM attended several events, including a KM Homecoming volleyball game.

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This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I think ever.
Chris Fitzgerald, Prep Dig General Manager (Twitter)
Kasson-Mantorville robotics team loading Mr. Robot with t-shirts and firing them into the crown between sets. Awesome.
PAM loaded with a stuffed animal

Although PAM had been built and was functioning, testing on the robot had never ended and improvements were constantly being made. Because items were not always on hand for testing, unconventional items, like small stuffed animals, were used to test the robot's shooting capabilities.

Insider note: The stickers on the front left wheel are from competitions. The drive train used on PAM was once used on a competition robot and the stickers were never removed.

In front of KMES Community Education

PAM was not only shown in competition, but also to other parts of the community. We arranged a day to show kids how PAM works and what it's capable of. This group picture contains almost everyone who has contributed in some way to PAM.