Week 3: Build Season

by Rachelle L., Last updated Mon, Jan 28, 2019 12:26 PM CST

The team has made daily goals to accomplish tasks quicker and they even separated into groups to work on the system each group signed up for. Groups have been working with each other to have a complete understanding of this year's robot and to work more efficiently. Unfortunately, this week hasn't gone so smoothly since there was a winter storm that prevented the team from meeting last Tuesday. The team has managed to put more hours in to make up for the lost time, and they will continue to meet every day they can. Thanks to this, the Otternauts have gotten a lot done; although, there have been few mistakes here and there, but they learned a lot from these and continue to grow as a team and as individuals.

The Otternauts have been working to prevent inefficiency and they will continue to do so. Overall, it has been another good week.

Box Pushing 101

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