Week 2: Build Season

by Rachelle L., Last updated Fri, Jan 18, 2019 12:24 PM CST

After lots of prototyping, the team has come up with several main ideas for mechanisms and are currently working to make important decisions. They have already come up with their strategy for this game and what they want to accomplish. The team is now going in depth with building the robot and getting every system onto the robot. Last year, to climb they used a similar mechanism to the one they will be using this year, that is why the team decided to name the new system Stephanie 2.0, after our 2018 robot. Because this is the team's third year, members have been working quicker since everything is familiar; they have helped new members adapt and they have also started teaching some new skills to the rookies.

Hopefully everything keeps going as well as it has been, and we know the Otternauts will do their part.

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